crescent bleu™ provides sustainable swimwear helps you
enjoy the journey to your best self in vibrant style,
premium quality, expert fit & function.


We embrace being part of a design community that dares to envision a future where good design and accountability to our global human and environmental resources are the standard. We love the challenge to enact best eco-circularity practices while delivering a premium swimwear product that lasts. Our commitment results in a product that shows you care about yourself and others. When you choose us for your journey, you also join a movement to change lives by changing industry practices.

Our premium Italian knit quality is made using ECONYL®, 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon wastes. Yeah, we thought that was pretty cool too. And– it feels aahmazing. You’ll see. We are so excited to partner with ECONYL® to introduce endless possibilities in fiber circularity- leading the industry towards a sustainable future. #intothebleu


Our premium knit begins with ECONYL®, 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon wastes. The nylon is returned to its original purity to be remade into textile yarn and reimagined into premium products. Additionally, all our production fabric scraps are donated locally in Bali to charity-based groups who re-make them into saleable goods.

Each item is protected in a 100% biodegradable plastic free bag made of cassava starch. And our eco-alliance partnership means they will arrive at your home in a 100% certified home-compostable mailer made of renewable plant-based materials.

Our swimwear manufacturer pays their skilled workers competitively above minimum wage, with double overtime pay, and medical insurance & prescription coverage extending to their spouse & up to three children.

Locally we vow to support social initiatives that promote wellness and security for Black women and their communal well-being.

“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”


Arriving with a small carry-on of swim & yoga wear to partake in 10 days of rest and healthy recuperation on Tulum’s coast, the seed for crescent bleu was planted. On this solo trip to Tulum in 2013-- (it was literally Bikini Bootcamp), Anastasia White discovered the peaceful freedom of retreat and focusing on self and nature. 

Anastasia has extensive design experience in the establishment and growth of numerous women’s clothing labels spanning a variety of premium and discount department store private brands, media & online commerce, as well as boutiques. Throughout her fulfilling career in the industry, Anastasia would reflect on notions of self-care & fashion industry practices which were unsustainable for the global self. Her wanderlust brought her to many places where her fashion sensibilities were influenced by local culture and a need for swimwear that fit a variety of purposes. In these travels, she discovered her passion for swimwear design.

With a renewed, expanded sense of what it means to care for self, Anastasia put personal practices in place and began to make moves on creating a brand rooted in sustainability and mindfulness of our global, communal, and material resources. In 2019, a sourcing trip to Bali led to a dream partnership that allowed her to merge her passion for premium quality design and sustainability.

“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”



* premium grade manufacturing

* industry-leading precision manufacturing technology ensures quality to last


* rescuing waste to WOW using innovative reclaimed materials

*eco-certified dyes and digital printing for lowest environmental impact

* biodegradable packaging and 100% home compostable mailers.


* partners that employ skilled workers with competitive pay and benefits

* community focused

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